Tilt Table

Tilt Table Test

Have you been feeling dizzy or lightheaded, seemingly without a clear cause? These symptoms can be unsettling, interrupt daily life, and create a cause for concern about your overall heart health. At Capitol Cardiology Associates, we understand the urgency and worry that comes with these unexplained episodes. The tilt table test is a simple yet effective diagnostic tool that simulates changes in position and monitors your body's response. Our experienced team uses these insights to develop a treatment strategy that suits your unique needs. Read below for details about what it is and what to expect. 

What is a Tilt Table Test, and Who Needs It?

A tilt table test will help assess how your body reacts to changes in position, particularly from lying down to standing up. It is specifically designed to help identify the causes of fainting or lightheadedness, which can be symptoms of various underlying conditions such as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome or unexplained fainting. It's particularly beneficial for individuals who have experienced episodes of unexplained fainting or dizziness. These symptoms can disrupt daily activities and pose serious safety risks, especially if they occur during activities like driving or operating heavy machinery. If you or someone you know has encountered these challenges, discussing the possibility with a healthcare provider could be an important step toward finding answers.

Understanding Your Body's Response During a Tilt Table Test

During a tilt table test, your body’s cardiovascular response to gravity change is closely monitored. You are securely strapped to a table, which then tilts to raise your upper body, mimicking a change from lying down to a standing position. This process enables us to observe how your heart rate and blood pressure respond to these changes. Monitoring these responses helps us understand the signaling between your heart and brain. For some, the heart rate increases significantly when the body changes position; for others, blood pressure might drop. These reactions can lead to symptoms like dizziness or fainting. Observing these responses allows our team to pinpoint abnormalities in your body’s natural reflexes that help maintain blood pressure and heart rate.

What to Expect During and After a Tilt Table Test

Knowing what to expect can ease any nerves about undergoing a tilt table test. Initially, you'll be asked to lie flat on a table, which is equipped with safety straps and monitors to track your heart rate and blood pressure. Once you’re positioned and secure, the test begins, with the table being tilted to different angles for various periods. The entire process typically lasts about an hour or so, during which our medical team will be with you every step of the way, ensuring your comfort and safety. It's normal to feel a bit anxious about the test, so feel free to discuss any concerns with our team beforehand. After the test, you might feel a little lightheaded or dizzy, but these sensations usually subside quickly. Our staff will ensure you are stable and comfortable before you leave. Results from your tilt table test will be discussed during a follow-up appointment, where we can go over any findings and discuss next steps if necessary.

Tilt Table
Tilt Table

How a Tilt Table Test Influences Your Treatment Plan

The information gained from a tilt table test is invaluable in shaping your treatment plan. Should the test indicate a susceptibility to sudden drops in blood pressure or abnormal heart rate responses, we might recommend several strategies. These could include dietary changes, like increasing salt intake to boost blood volume or medications that help regulate heart rate and blood pressure. In some cases, physical therapy designed to strengthen your circulatory system might be advisable, along with lifestyle modifications to help manage or mitigate symptoms.

Are You Interested in a Tilt Table Test? 

Do you worry about your dizzy spells? Then get the answers you need today by calling the team at Capitol Cardiology Associates. Our goal is to provide dependable diagnostic services and comprehensive care that addresses the root cause of your symptoms. Contact our office if you have questions or when you’re ready to schedule an appointment. 

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