It's easy to brush it off a tight chest as just another stressful day. However, these could be warning signs of something far more serious. At Capitol Cardiology Associates, we understand how confusing coronary artery disease symptoms can be. We are dedicated to diagnosing and treating CAD as well as educating our patients on recognizing its early signs. Read below to learn important information so you can determine if it’s time to see a heart doctor.


What is Coronary Artery Disease?

Coronary artery disease affects about 18.2 million adults in the United States. It occurs when the coronary arteries become diseased or damaged, and can no longer supply oxygen-rich blood to the heart. Typically, the damage is due to a buildup of fatty deposits, or plaques, which can reduce blood flow to the heart, and it may lead to more severe health problems, including heart attacks, so schedule an appointment with a cardiologist at the first sign of trouble.

Recognizing the Signs

Identifying the signs of CAD early is critical for effective management. Here are some key symptoms to watch for:

  • Chest Pain: One of the most recognizable signs of CAD is chest pain,whicht is often described as a feeling of pressure, fullness, or pain in the center or left side of the chest. This sensation can last for a few minutes and may come and go.
  • Shortness of Breath: If your heart isn’t pumping enough blood to meet your needs, you may develop winded breath or extreme fatigue.
  • Heart Attack: This is the most alarming and severe manifestation of CAD. Symptoms include chest pain or discomfort, upper body pain, sweating, nausea, fatigue, and light-headedness.

Risk Factors

Several factors might increase your risk of developing CAD:

  • Age: The risk increases with age, affecting more commonly those 65 and older.
  • Sex: Men generally have a greater risk of coronary artery disease, although the risk for women increases after menopause.
  • Family History: If your siblings, parents, or grandparents had heart disease early in life, your risk is higher.
  • Smoking: Smokers have a much higher risk than those who don’t smoke.
  • High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol: These conditions can accelerate the hardening and narrowing of arteries.
  • Diabetes: Having diabetes doubles your risk of coronary artery disease.
  • Obesity: Excess weight will often worsen other risk factors.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosing CAD involves reviewing your medical history, a physical examination, and further medical tests. These tests might include an electrocardiogram, echocardiography, stress tests, and coronary angiography. Treatment for CAD includes lifestyle adjustments, medications, and possibly procedures such as angioplasty or coronary artery bypass grafting. Lifestyle changes might include improving your diet, increasing your physical activity, quitting smoking, and managing stress.

The Best Prevention Strategies

Preventing CAD starts with understanding your risk factors and actively managing them:

  • Stay Active: Regular exercise will help maintain a healthy heart.
  • Eat Heart-Healthy: Focus on a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains.
  • Regular Check-ups: Keep up with routine screenings for blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and diabetes.

Are You Looking for an Experienced Heart Doctor?

At Capitol Cardiology Associates, we provide dependable cardiac care centered on our patients' needs. Our team of experienced cardiologists is equipped with the latest in medical technology and treatment strategies to ensure the best outcomes for our patients. We believe in a patient-centered approach, where we work together to customize treatments that fit your lifestyle and health goals. Call today to schedule a visit with a local cardiologist.

Review of Exceptional Healthcare Services

Jose Mendoza

My experience with the Capitol Cardiology Associates office was outstanding. From the time I initially talked to Dr Shetty on the phone to the moment I checked out. I had a very pleasant encounter with the front desk personnel. The staff is kind, gentle and informative. Pamela was very efficient, skilled and smart.  Took time to explain the procedure and broke it down in easy terms. I recommend this group with no reservations to whoever needs a cardiologist.

Bobbie Shockley

Even the office was excited busy, the staff remains super courteous and respectful. Dr. Shetty and his students were kind and efficient. Check out is a breeze. Those with disabilities were treated with great respect. I feel well cared for here at Capitol  Cardiology.

Isatu Sesay

Dr Raj Shetty. I wanted to thank you so so much, my blood pressure is normal now praise God.All because of you, my physician cannot get it in control then he Reffered me to you. I thank God and you because it’s all in control now. May God continue to bless your hand , you are so patient.

Jeanette McQueen

I had an excellent experience at Capitol Cardiology Associates. From the moment I walked into the suite everyone was friendly and courteous. When I was taken in the back the Medical Assistant was very professional and made me feel comfortable. My Cardiologist, Dr. Venugopal, had an excellent bedside manner and reassured me that all was okay. The checkout receptionist was very helpful as well. She made sure I had all the documents I needed and provided a copy to my primary care physician. Well done guys!??