Holter and Event Monitoring

Holter and Event Monitoring

Are you feeling an unusual thump in your chest or fleeting moments of dizziness? Holter and Event monitors offer a window into your heart’s health over extended periods so you can determine the cause of your symptoms and find the best solutions for treatment. At Capitol Cardiology Associates, we equip you with advanced tools to track and manage heart health effectively. Your heart deserves expert care and precision monitoring that can make all the difference.

The Use of Remote Monitoring in Modern Cardiac Care

Remote cardiac monitoring, including the use of Holter and Event monitors, allows for continuous tracking of your heart's activity, providing critical data without the need for constant clinical visits. Remote monitoring optimizes cardiac care and enhances convenience for patients. It serves as a vital link between patients and healthcare providers, enabling real-time data transmission and swift adjustments to treatment plans, thus improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

What’s the Difference Between Holter and Event Monitors?

While both Holter and Event monitors are invaluable tools of cardiac care, they serve slightly different purposes and are used based on specific patient needs. A Holter monitor records every heartbeat for 24 to 48 hours, offering a comprehensive view of your cardiac activity during various daily activities and sleep. It’s particularly useful for detecting arrhythmias or irregular heartbeats that might not occur during a standard ECG in a doctor’s office. On the other hand, an Event monitor is used for symptom-based recording. It does not record continuously; instead, it's activated by the patient when they feel symptoms or automatically when it detects abnormal heart rhythms. This makes Event monitors ideal for symptoms that occur less frequently, as they can be worn for weeks or even months until they capture the necessary data during symptomatic episodes.

How to Wear a Holter or Event Monitor Comfortably

Wearing a heart monitor might sound stressful, but with a few tips, it can be a comfortable and hassle-free experience. It’s important to wear the device as directed by your healthcare provider. Here are a few practical tips:

  • Choose suitable clothing: Wear loose-fitting tops that allow you to place the monitor close to your skin without being restrictive.
  • Mind the electrodes: Ensure the electrode areas on your skin are clean and dry to avoid irritation and ensure good adhesion.
  • Stay dry: Avoid activities that cause excessive sweating and keep the monitor dry at all times.
  • Sleep smart: When lying down, adjust the monitor so it doesn’t press uncomfortably against your body.
Holter and Event Monitoring
Holter and Event Monitoring

What Can Holter and Event Monitoring Detect?

The insights gained from Holter and Event monitors can be life-changing. These devices help detect various forms of heart conditions that might not be evident without continuous or symptom-triggered recording. Here are some conditions that these monitors can help identify:

  • Arrhythmias: Abnormal rhythms of the heart, such as atrial fibrillation, can be detected, allowing for timely management.
  • Cardiomyopathy: Changes in heart rhythm can indicate cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle.
  • Ischemia: By detecting irregularities, these monitors can also hint at ischemia, a condition where the heart muscle is deprived of oxygen.
  • Symptom correlation: They can help correlate fainting spells or dizzy episodes with heart rhythm abnormalities, pinpointing the causes of symptoms.

Do You Need Holter and Event Monitoring?

Holter and Event monitoring are pivotal in diagnosing and managing heart conditions and can provide a detailed snapshot of your heart's function. At Capitol Cardiology Associates, we utilize these tools to ensure that comprehensive, responsive, and customized cardiac care is within your reach. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment. 

Review of Exceptional Healthcare Services

Jose Mendoza

My experience with the Capitol Cardiology Associates office was outstanding. From the time I initially talked to Dr Shetty on the phone to the moment I checked out. I had a very pleasant encounter with the front desk personnel. The staff is kind, gentle and informative. Pamela was very efficient, skilled and smart.  Took time to explain the procedure and broke it down in easy terms. I recommend this group with no reservations to whoever needs a cardiologist.

Bobbie Shockley

Even the office was excited busy, the staff remains super courteous and respectful. Dr. Shetty and his students were kind and efficient. Check out is a breeze. Those with disabilities were treated with great respect. I feel well cared for here at Capitol  Cardiology.

Isatu Sesay

Dr Raj Shetty. I wanted to thank you so so much, my blood pressure is normal now praise God.All because of you, my physician cannot get it in control then he Reffered me to you. I thank God and you because it’s all in control now. May God continue to bless your hand , you are so patient.

Jeanette McQueen

I had an excellent experience at Capitol Cardiology Associates. From the moment I walked into the suite everyone was friendly and courteous. When I was taken in the back the Medical Assistant was very professional and made me feel comfortable. My Cardiologist, Dr. Venugopal, had an excellent bedside manner and reassured me that all was okay. The checkout receptionist was very helpful as well. She made sure I had all the documents I needed and provided a copy to my primary care physician. Well done guys!??

Kuron Rice

On my first visit to Capitol Cardiology Associates, the staff were punctual, professional & friendly.  I enjoyed every aspect of the visit. The lady who checks you in has high energy & is very fun. My nurse was very nice as well. But my doctor, Dr. Foushee was attentive to symptoms & asked lots of question to find out the problem & it's source. For top notch service visit Capitol Cardiology Associates!!!

Bonnie Moreland

Everyone that I had contact with in the office were so pleasant. I feel Claire, PA listened to me about my concerns. She assured me that tests will be done and we'll figure out what's going on and that I'll be feeling better soon.

James Churchill

This was my first visit to a specialist, Dr. Venugopal. While the appointment took time to get, I was greeted promptly, the staff treated me well both coming in and leaving and the doctor is one of the finest I've encountered. Not only was he informative, his professional demeanor was complemented by a a humor that matched my own, a talent not always found in potentially serious situations. I would highly recommend!

J D McCall

Dr. Forrester is very professional, competent, thorough and caring. He is thoughtful, knowledgeable & attentive.The staff are very kind, professional & attentive as well. Overall excellent place to go.

Yvonne Martinez Vega

I have had positive experience with the staff of Capital Cardiology. They are courteous, professional and efficient. Dr. Clarence Findley is fabulous. He takes his time explaining , asking questions etc. Not something one sees now a days.

Rhonda McNair

I really was sick not knowing just how sick. My PC referred me to Dr. Clarence Fendly with only three visits two office and one hospital I am great. I thank God for him. He explained everything to me where I could understand,  but he's gone now, and I am going to miss him. I feel sorry for all on this side of the earth that never had the opportunity to get his help. Where ever he's moved on to someone will be blessed. Thanks Dr. Fendley. Rhonda McNair